My Son Changed His Mind — Can He Attend A college He Currently Customwritings Com Login Declined?

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My Son Changed His Mind — Can He Attend A college He Currently Declined?

My son deposited at a college back in but now he is interested in attending one of the schools he already declined april. I am aware they can call and ask when they nevertheless have space, but I am wondering how best to approach that.

Your son has to work with this straight away, needless to say. But before he does anything else, they can create a quick check associated with the nationwide Association for College Admission Counseling’s “choices for Qualified pupils” list.

Here, he might manage to determine if the faculty he now would like to attend is freshmen that are still accepting. If this college’s name is on the list, there’s a chance that is excellent your son can enlist ( however with the comprehending that you’ll lose the deposit you produced in April). Nonetheless, if the college just isn’t on this list, that is not a automatic deal-breaker. For starters, don’t assume all college provides vacancy information to NACAC. More over, even when this institution isn’t formally searching for additional freshmen, it’s possible that they might still think about a job candidate who was simply currently accepted. In just about any situation, it’s worthwhile for your son to start the procedure with a few inkling of what to anticipate, particularly if his target college IS regarding the NACAC roster.

His alternative must certanly be to telephone the admission workplace as of this college and get to speak to their local agent. ( The regional rep is the staff member who oversees all candidates from your own son’s senior high school.) If their local rep isn’t available (and won’t be available later into the time), he can briefly explain their situation and ask to talk with a different admission officer. Nevertheless, he must not accept a verdict from the receptionist whom’s replied the telephone and who may merely state, “Our due date has passed and our applications are closed.” Although receptionists are often as much on your ball — and in the loop — as someone else at work, it is still important which he covers his plan with somebody who has actual power that is decision-making.

Then it’s unlikely that he’ll get better news if he tries to appeal this decision if your son does speak to his regional rep and is told that there is not room for him in the freshman class. But if he is told no by another employee, he is able to take a final shot and e-mail their local rep, that is probably more familiar with their candidacy, to plead their case. He should really be ready to explain why he didn’t select this college as he had the chance to do this many weeks ago and, above all, why he’s changed their head. The more particular they can be, the greater. He undoubtedly doesn’t desire to come off as indecisive and raise suspicions that, if admitted, he might yet change his mind once more.

Should your son decide he could consider a gap year or even a January start at this second school that he really doesn’t want to be at the college where’s he’s committed. Hence, if he is told that the freshman class is full, he can propose these other options if they suit him today. It’s also conceivable that the freshman class is currently complete but there can be spaces that open up in August. In the event your son is willing to wait to find out, he should say therefore.

Once again, in the event your son is definite he needs to be willing to sacrifice the deposit you already paid and he needs to act NOW that he wants to bypass the college that he’d planned to attend and enroll at this other one!

Are AP Exam Scores Accurate?


Are AP scores fairly accurate? Just how can we check?

I’m uncertain that which you mean by ‘accurate.’ Have you been worried that your particular exam was not graded correctly or merely that the score does not mirror your true cap ability?

If you suspect that there might have already been an error within the scoring of numerous choice section, you can order a rescoring of your answer sheet. See this url to purchase yours. This solution costs $30 per exam, should be required by 31 (in the fall after the test was given) and can take up two months (!) to be completed october.

You may also request a duplicate of your ‘Free-Response’ booklet. This expenses just ten dollars per exam ( and it is just readily available for the most recent exam administration), but it does never include any remarks or grades. There is no re-scoring solution offered for free reactions nor can there be any avenue provided for appealing your score. You will find additional information about this service and its own due dates here.

You might want to spend the 30 bucks on the Multiple-Choice Rescore Service, even if the odds are slim that errors were actually made if you suspect scoring mistakes. But, provided what college expenses these days, the price tag on a pizza or two could enable you to get some peace of mind … or maybe also some ‘I told you so’ satisfaction.

All the best!

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